PDF to PDF X-1a format Conversion

We highly recommend using the x-1a (sometimes called x-1a:2001) format for PDFs uploaded into our system.  The x-1a format is available primarily through Adobe Creative Suite products such as InDesign or Acrobat Professional.

We can utilize PDFs created through Word or free PDF creators, but these do not always create usable PDFs for professional printing.  If there is a problem with processing your file or if the results of printing are not as you desire (font problems, contrast in text, poor interior picture quality, etc...), the most effective easy fix is to create new PDFs in the x-1a format and reupload into your account.

If you are using Adobe Acrobat Professional, you can convert your PDF files to x-1a files using the following steps:

1)  Select the tools bar.

2)  Locate the Print and production tab, expand it and open Preflight.

3)  Once Preflight has been opened, select tab "PDF/X Compliance"

4)  Select "Convert to PDF/X-1a (SWOP)"

5)  Press the "Analyze and Fix" button.

6)  Save As with a different name and use the new file to upload to your account.


If this is not successful, an alternative is to use Acrobat Distiller using the following steps:

1)  Open the PDF in Adobe Acrobat Profesional

2)  Go to File-Print and select Adobe PDF as the printer

3)  Click the Properties button next to the Select Printer box

4)  In the Standards drop-down box, select PDF x-1a 2001 

5)  Click the Print button and save the file with a different name.

6)  Upload the new PDF to your Snowfall Press account

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