Setting Up a Book

How to Use the Book Setup Page:


 Before you can save your books and submit them for printing, you have to upload them to your account.  The Book Setup Page will allow you to create a new title in your library, upload that title’s PDFs for the cover and body, and edit those files into completed books ready to order and print.

The first step is to create a title in your library.  If you press this button, you will see a new book in the “Book Setup” Window with the title “No Title Set”.  Effectively this file is still empty; it has no cover or body.  To upload these we need to select the title and click “edit”.

NOTE: To apply a function to any book you must first select the desired title.  You can select a book by clicking its row within the “Book Setup” Window

Selecting the edit button will take you to the Make Ready page for the book body.  This page will allow you to enter a title, select specifications for your book, adjust the cover, adjust the text on the left hand and right hand pages (up/down/in/out) and ensure all of your files are correctly uploaded.

In the upper left hand corner, you can switch to the Cover Edit page, where you can view/adjust the cover, and choose the cover type.  To upload your PDF files click either ‘load body’ or load ‘cover’ in the upper left-hand corner of the screen.  Whatever you upload or change on the make ready page is automatically saved in Book Setup.  YOU DO NOT need to go back to the Book Setup Page, select the title and press the Save button.

If this button is selected it will add a single copy of the selected title to your cart which we call a Proof.  Your book will not print if you just press the button.  You must go to the cart page and checkout.  It is very important that all customers print a proof before printing in quantity.  The proof will show any problems with the book (lack of bleed, font problems, positioning of text on the page, etc…)  Seeing the physical book is the best way to determine what needs to be changed to ensure successful printing.  Keep in mind that the preview visible in the Book Setup menu is not always the same as what you will see on the printed page.  The Book Setup preview is before the file is processed for printing and some issues will not be visible in Book Setup.  Without seeing a proof, you cannot ensure that “what you see is what you will get”.  The physical proof will allow you to see the adjustments that need to be made in Book Setup to your book.

Selecting this button will add a digital copy of your book to the cart known as a soft proof.  To learn more about the differences between a Proof and a Soft Proof please click here.

Selecting the delete button will remove your book from Snowfall’s file store  Be careful; as once a book is deleted you will need to reupload the files for further use.  

NOTE: If you need to replace either the body PDF or cover PDF, it is not necessary to delete the book.  Just reupload the new body or cover on top of the old one and it will be replaced in our system

If you have made your final edits to a book and believe the book is ready for printing and publishing you can press this button to move your book to the “Saved Books” Page.  This section’s tab is located to the right of the “Book Setup” tab.  When you save a book, the title will be visible in Saved Books with the date you saved the book.

NOTE:  We encourage customers not to save a book until they have received a proof that incorporates their final corrections.


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    Gerald B Guibor

    Sirs: I have been attempting since Thursday to load the text and covers for my book. And I have sent at least two messages requesting help. I have tried the methods on Adobe Acrobat. They do not help. I am trying to create a 6 X 9 book . . . not an 8.5 X 11 book. The pages I see on the templates for the text are not centered inside the margins. I can adjust that, but the type runs off the bottom of the pages. I cannot adjust that. And I would have to adjust every page. Or the type runs off the top of the pages. The text should fit automatically, right? Next, should the cover image be in jpeg or in PDF? When I upload the cover image, nothing shows up. I have tried everything I know . . . for a dozen or more times. Will you please respond . . . by telephone if necessary . . . (928) 756-2303. Thank you, Jerry Guibor

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    Gerald B Guibor

    Sirs: I have fixed the cover image, and I waiting to fix the text. It hangs over the bottom of every page. Can you please help me fix this? Thank you, Jerry Guibor

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