Saved Books vs. Book Setup

Book Setup

This template is where you upload your files and order your proofs.  While in this section you can change/modify your files as often as you want – at no charge.

Once you have your files uploaded and positioned correctly, highlight the book title in the Book Setup menu and print a proof.  You do not need to save the book as it will automatically save any changes in Book Setup.  Once you receive a proof of your book and approve the book for printing, highlight the book in the Book Setup menu and click Save, which will add the book to the Saved Books menu with the current date.

Saved Books

Once the proof is saved, you should make all future orders of the book from the Saved Books menu to ensure that it will print exactly the same way every time.  

If you make a change in book setup it will not update in saved books.

Important - Any time you make a change to your book in Book Setup, order a proof from Book Setup before saving the book.  If you decide to order in quantity, either order from Book Setup or save the book and order from the current version in Saved Books.  A common mistake is for customers to make changes in Book Setup, fail to save the book and then order in quantity from Saved Books without noticing it is an older version.  The dates in Book Setup and Saved Books can tell you whether you are ordering the latest version.  When you create a new Saved book, you may want to delete older versions to avoid confusion.


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    Kristi Highwalker

    I can not get anything I load to show up, HELP what am I doing wrong please

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    William Robfogel

    When I load my cover for my book, it does not load the back cover, only the front. I did save both to the PDF I created for the cover. How do I load the back cover?

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