Save Your Files

Save Your Files

Step 1: Proof your files

We recommend that every book is proofed for accuracy, embedded fonts and images, and content. If you need more information about ordering a proof, click here:

The importance of printing a proof

We offer one of the fastest routes to market for your book. We encourage publishers to print a proof, or a couple of proofs if needed, to ensure your design looks exactly like you want.

It should be noted that the Snowfall Print Network is under no obligation to reprint books or refund printing and shipping costs if a proof was not printed prior to the full quantity of books for an order; unless there is a clear manufacturing defect.

Step 2: Choose the files to save

Editable vs. Saved files

When you first upload your book the files automatically go into the Editable section. While in this section you can change/modify your files as often as you want – at no charge.

Once you have printed a proof of your book and approve the book for printing, highlight the book in the Editable menu and click on Save, which will add the book to the Saved menu. You should print the book from the Saved area from this point to ensure that it will print exactly the same way every time.


If you decide to make changes in the book at a future date, simply upload either the altered body or cover (or both) to the Editable file. Go through the process of printing a proof to ensure the changed book is as you wish. If so, then save this file. It will add the book to the top of the Saved file area with the current date. You can them archive/remove the older version so as to eliminate confusion or keep it if you want access to the older version.

Step 3: Add your meta data

Now that your files are saved, you will need to add your meta data (product information) to your account. It is not necessary to add this data to print, but you must have it in order to use Snowfall's e-commerce and distribution options. It is important that you use the legal Title and Subtitle of the book, author, description, price, and the ISBN, which is a critical identifier for your book throughout the Snowfall Print Network system and the book industry in general. (if you are not going to sell your book through retail channels, it is not required to have an ISBN)

Fill in all of the critical areas that will need to be shared with your e-commerce solution and make sure to mark the title 'Active' when you have finished. This will allow the title to be 'pushed' to your e-commerce or distribution solution.

For more information about selling your book both online and to retail and distribution, click here:



Step 4: Activate your files for e-commerce

Once your title has been activated, you have the option of connecting your e-commerce solution directly to the Snowfall Print Network to automate orders with the press and distribution options that we provides.

Currently, the Snowfall Print Network is testing a number of ecommerce options including websites utilizing Magento ecommerce engines, Facebook/Payvment stores, and Amazon Merchant accounts. Questions? Please contact Dave Sheets at for more information.

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