Product Options

Book Materials and Manufacturing Specifications


Binding Types

Perfect-bound (paperback)

Coil-bound (white coil only) - only shipped from Phoenix, AZ

Saddle-stitched - only shipped from Phoenix, AZ

Snowfall Press does not offer case-bound (hardback) books

Interior Pages 

Black & white



 All covers are four-color (CYMK)

Laminate Options

Lay-flat gloss


Snowfall Press does not offer UV coating 


Paper Types

Snowfall Press offers perfect-bound books and coil-bound books with the following paper types and specifications:

   Type                                                              Weight                                                              Pages Per Inch
Standard White   60# offset/24 LB Bond/90 gsm          422
Thin White   40# offset/13 LB Bond/60 gsm          692
Cream   50# offset/74 gsm          420


Size Limitations

 Snowfall Press prints books at any size within the following range:

Minimum: 4 x 6"
Maximum: A4 (slightly larger than 8.5 x 11")


Page Counts

Snowfall Press can print books of the following page counts:

Standard/Cream Paper
        Trim Size                                                    Min. Pg.                                                    Max. Pg.
6 x 9" and smaller       24    904
Larger than 6 x 9"       20    608-904 Range depends on trim size.
Thin Paper
        Trim Size                                                   Min. Pg.                                                    Max. Pg.
6 x 9" and smaller      100    1200
Larger than 6 x 9"      100


Lay-Flat Alternatives

Snowfall Press does not offer lay-flat binding as an option.  As an alternative, we urge customers to consider using thin paper or coil binding to achieve some of the same effect for workbooks and books. Many customers have found the thin paper option to their liking. We urge any customer that is considering this option to print a physical proof to check whether this is an acceptable solution.

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      This is Stephen Higgins... COS - I am wondering do you do e-books. When I chatted with Don in late 2017 he said that you would in 2018 or 19. I have that need for a book that I have saved on here that is ready to be sold hard copy and have had requests for e-book which is easier for us in Israel to teach from.

    Thank you! I hope all is going great!


    719-651-0244 -

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    William Robfogel

    I need help in actually submitting my order for my sample copy and to know the prices of what I want. I can't figure out what I am doing from what you have on your site. I NEED help in knowing what to enter on the various forms you have. PLEASE get in touch with me!


    William A. Robfogel

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    William Robfogel

    I have received my proof copy and have made some corrections. Do I just re-upload my corrected copy? What is the next step? I am so new to this and really need some help.
    Thank you,

    William A. Robfogel

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