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Q:  What kind of bindings does Snowfall Press offer?

Currently, we offer perfect binding (paperback) out of both locations, as well as coil-bound and saddle-stitched books from our Phoenix, AZ location. 

Q:  What are the trim sizes Snowfall Press offers?

We offer any trim size from a minimum of 4”X6” to A4 (slightly larger than 8.5”X11”).

Q:  What paper is used by Snowfall Press?

We offer three paper options:  Standard (60# offset/24lb bond) white, thin white (40# 0ffset) and cream (50# offset).

Q:  Do you print photos and grayscale illustrations?

Yes, we do print excellent B&W photos and grayscale illustrations within the text of a book.

Q:  Do you print color interior books?

Yes, but only out of our Phoenix location.  Our pricing structure for color is based on quantity.  You can check pricing under Explore-Pricing on our home page.

Q:  Do you do hard covers?

No, we do not and there are no immediate plans to do so.

Q:  What is “bleed” and how does Snowfall Press deal with bleed?

Bleed is a printing term referring to printing that goes beyond the edge of the sheet after trimming.  Bleed ensures that the color on the cover goes all the way to the edge and no “white appears at the edge.” In our case, the recommended bleed is 1/4th of an inch on each side.

When designing a cover for our system, the bleed should be designed into the cover size.  For a book that is 6 inches wide, the cover will be 12.5 inches + the spine width (6” for the front; 6” for the back; plus 1/4 inch for front and back bleeds).

Q:  Do you laminate or UV coat covers?  Do you offer a matte cover?

We use a lay-flat gloss laminate cover or a matte cover. UV coating is currently not an option.

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