About Snowfall Press

How does Snowfall Press Work?


Is Snowfall Press a publisher as well as a printer?

No. We are a network of digital printers working to provide revolutionary services for publishers. Publishers have ownership over content, pay royalties, and are charged with marketing and selling that packaged content to consumers. We offer state of the art printing services and can help with distribution.

Will Snowfall Press market and sell my books?

No. We do not market nor sell your books. We highly recommend hiring a marketing expert.

The marketing process can be a rewarding experience and no one can market their book better than the author. Using an expert to help guide you in this process can be an important asset.


What is the perfect print run for the Snowfall Print Network?

We specialize in print runs of as few as one copy, but can print as many units as is required.

Are there any hidden fees, set-up fees, or change charges? 

Nope, none of the above apply with Snowfall Press.

Will you own my book rights?

No. We are simply printers. You, the publisher always maintains full rights and control over their content and book files.

Do I need to sign a contract with Snowfall Press?

No. Customers are required to agree to our terms and conditions in order to open an account, but there are no contractual obligations for an account.  Publishers are free to print as few or as many books as they like and are free to print with other printers.

Do you offer discounts?

Because we print digitally on fully automated equipment, the economies of scale for B&W interior printing have already been reached with the first book.  We are able to offer low prices with no minimum order quantity – the volume discounts have already been achieved with the first book and while we can print hundreds of units for our publishers, we give our best deal on the first unit. For color interior printing, pricing is dependent on quantity ordered so be sure to check the Pricing ($) tab on our home page.

What are the payment terms?

All payments for orders through our website are made by credit or debit card.

What is your return policy?

Like all printers, we encourage customers to print proofs before ordering multiple copies.  Most issues with printing will show up in the proof.  Any changes made to a book interior or cover should also prompt the printing of a proof. Unless the book has a manufacturing defect, we do not take returns or replace books


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