The Printing Process

Print Process

How do I stop a print order?

Because of the rapid turn-around of our print process, a book is often printed very soon after it is ordered and therefore difficult to stop before production starts. For that reason, we urge publishers to print a proof before printing larger quantities. If you have made a mistake please send us a message marked “Urgent” to:

What is the average turnaround time for printing?

Our goal is to produce and ship book orders of less than 500 books in three business days after the business day of the order.  While this is not a guarantee, we aim to meet this goal for all of our shipments.  For orders of 500 books are larger, customers should allow for 3-5 extra business days for printing.

How do I get my “out-of-print books” printed?

If there is not a digital file available, a publisher can scan the book and load the scanned PDF files into their account per the normal uploading procedures. 

How do I scan my out-of-print books?

There are a number of services that will take a physical book and scan it to prepare digital files for digital printing. The best services will actually take the scan and re-typeset the book as well as create e-book files at the same time.

How do I make an X-1a PDF?

Click here for a full discussion on this subject.

What is font embedding?

Embedding is a way to ensure that all the fonts and graphics you have used in designing your book will be printed.

How do I upload a book?

For full instructions, click here.

What if my PDF file does not work?

We recommend using PDF/X-1a files for uploading to our servers. For a full discussion regarding how to make a PDF/x-1a file, Click here

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