Ordering Your Books

Ordering Your Books

Step 1: Proof your files

We recommend that every book is proofed for accuracy, embedded fonts and images, and content. If you need more information about ordering a proof, click here.

The importance of printing a proof

We encourage publishers to print a proof to ensure your design looks exactly like you want.  A proof should be printed after every change to the book.  

Snowfall Press is under no obligation to reprint or refund for an order of books if a proof was not printed prior to the placing of the order unless there is a clear manufacturing defect.

Step 2: Save your files

You should print your book from the Saved Books Page to ensure that it will print exactly the same way every time. For more information about saving your files, click here.

Step 3: Select your files to print

Select the book you want to print by clicking on the title so that it is highlighted in blue. Click 'Print' and a dialogue box will pop up telling you that your book has been added to the shopping cart.

You may select as many books as you like to be added in the same manner.


Step 4: View your Shopping Cart

Click on the 'Shopping Cart' tab in the top right hand corner and you will see a screen that lists your selected book(s).

Step 5: Complete your order

Click on the 'Checkout' tab to be directed to the shipping page. Note: At this time, you must place separate orders for each 'ship-to' address. 


Fill in all the critical address information (those fields with a green background). As you get to the postal code section the shipping options will pop down. Click on the carrier option you want and you will see the shipping and packing costs appear.

When you are satisfied that all the information is correct, click on the 'order' button at the bottom of the page.

Snowfall Press gives you the ability to ship directly to your end user customers (drop ship) – keeping you from having to carry inventory, make trips to the post office, having to buy postage, etc.  For blind drop shipping, check the options available under My Account

Step 5: Pay for your order

You will now be on the check out page. Fill in the correct information and click 'submit' and you have just purchased and printed your book.


Turnaround time

Our goal is to ship orders of less than 500 books within 3 business days after the business day of the order.  This is not a guarantee, but rather a goal for customer orders that we aim to meet.  Equipment downtime, printing volume and other issues may affect turnaround time.

Here is how to calculate when the three business day target:

Day of the order:  Day 0

Count 3 business days after Day 0 for the day the order will most likely ship.

Weekend days and holidays do not count as a business day.  Also, if an order is placed after normal business hours, it is considered to be placed the following business day.  

For example, an order placed Friday night is considered to be placed Monday and will be tageted to ship by Thursday the following week.

You may experience faster production times in some cases and this is an added bonus, but do not rely on faster times as part of your planning process.

Shipping times are additional to the printing schedule. Most shipping locations in the US can be reached in 2-4 days via UPS Ground delivery or via USPS Priority Mail.

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