Print Your Proof

Print Your Proof

Step 1: Select your book to print

With your body text and cover loaded you are now ready to print/order your proof. Go back to the 'book setup' area of your account to print your book.



Step 2: Print your proof

Highlight your book and click on the 'print proof' tab at the bottom of the screen. You will get a prompt telling you your book has been added to the shopping cart.

Step 3: View your shopping cart

Click on the 'shopping cart' tab at the top right hand corner and you will see a screen that lists your book.

Step 4: Complete your order

Click on the 'checkout' button from the 'shopping cart' page and you will see the shipping page.



Fill in all the critical address information. As you get to the postal code section the shipping options will pop down. Click on the carrier option you want and you will see the shipping and packing costs appear.

When you are satisfied that all the information is correct, click on the 'order' button at the bottom of the page.

Note that one of the value-added services the Snowfall Print Network provides is the ability to ship directly to your end user customers (drop ship) – keeping you from having to carry inventory, make trips to the post office, having to buy postage, etc.

Step 5: Pay for your order

You will now be on the check out page. Fill in the correct information and click 'submit' and you have just purchased and printed your book.

Your order goes to the Snowfall Print Network servers, your PDFs are automatically prepared for printing, and within hours your book will be ripped for printing.

The importance of printing a proof

We offer one of the fastest routes to market for your book. We encourage publishers to print a proof, or a couple of proofs if needed, to ensure your design looks exactly like you want.

It should be noted that the Snowfall Print Network is under no obligation to reprint books or refund printing and shipping costs if a proof was not printed prior to the full quantity of books for an order; unless there is a clear manufacturing defect.

Order processing time

Allow three (3) business days for printing*. This does not include the day you upload and order your book. You may experience faster production times in some cases and this is an added bonus, but do not rely on faster times as part of your planning process.

*Shipping times are additional to the printing schedule. With two print facilities in Phoenix, AZ and Grand Rapids, MI, most shipping locations in the US can be reached in 2-3 days via normal ground delivery.

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    Don Myers

    Apparently I must order and receive a one copy 'proof' before I can place a quantity order?  If this is correct, it would be helpful if that were made clear at the beginning of your ordering process.  I finally understood this because nowhere was there an opportunity to indicate a quantity.  It would also be very helpful if I could have had an opportunity to communicate with a human Snowfall representative.

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